A safe word used by odd couples in Portland. Try to avoid over-usage.
Woman: I still want to try things.

Guy: Okay.

Woman: And I still love you.

Guy: Okay.

Guy tries to get close and... CACAO!
by Somegirlfromportland June 18, 2011
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Chocolate plant grown in Brazilllio
yo mutha Fcka why cant we pick the cacao tree i have the munchies for some chocolate
by chlooshwazi December 26, 2005
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The words in Taeyong from nct 127's line (at around 2:05) where he says "I'll take you to cacao oasis"

It means "When you think its a general sexual innuendo so you look it up on urban dictionary to see if it really is and it turns out it's just a creative set of words chosen for the song Whiplash"

(Listen to this song btw stan nct if you like talent xx)
Person 1: "Hey there i'll take you to cacao oasis if you would let me ;)"
Person 2: "I don't have a fucking clue what you just said but im sure its something sexual and innapropriate so no thanks"
Person 1: "No dude look it up on Urban Dictionary, its cool"
Person 2: "Oh yeah... well lets go!"
by luckymyeon June 14, 2017
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the name speaks for itself it is chocolate and lemon flavor together
(person 1)did you hear jim hates cacao lemon
(person 2) WHY WOULD I CARE
(person 2(sorry caps lock)
(person 1) we are speaking in real life
(person 2) that is not my problem
by attack i pod lemon May 15, 2021
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A way to say "bye-bye".
Mostly used by Russians, maybe some other East Slavic people uses this.
A guy: Gotta go, cya!
Another guy: Ciao cacao.
by demureboy July 26, 2017
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A form of address at parting. Phrase used by people in order to make themselves seem unique, fun, and sweet. The chocolate sweetens the bitterness of a farewell.
by deryuts April 24, 2021
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cold and bitter king that everyone including me simps for

From cookie run kingdom
One of the 5 ancients


also if he gets overwhelmed by his emotions (normally rage, anguish and pain) enough his soul jam turns him into a massive emo ghost thingy that looks like tricky phase 3 except with long hair and a torso

dont believe me look at the cutscenes or on tumblr
"Bro did you see dark cacao cookie"
"Yea he went beserk bro."
by emperorbelos April 7, 2022
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