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Cable Core
It compromises of being yourself, but also seeing conformity
and not trying to blatantly be different. Usually consists of
a shy person who is different in many ways, typically in how
they act and dress. They do not belong specifically to one
group or click, but take virtues from some of them and on
occasion may be put into one of these more known groups.
One usually has very diverse moods and can be extremely happy,
though many may not know because when one is shy they tend
not to express themselves that much; depressed, setting
themselves even further from the norm and occasionally being
very violent. Also, one must also have a feeling of hopeless love
that no one will ever love them while they try hard to express
feelings, they have no way because of their shy nature. While
lovestruck or depressed, which usually tie hand in hand one will
usually write poems and collect them together. Occasionally
showing them, but always very shy about it and concerned that
they will never be good enough. Overall, one has a very low self
esteem and always thinks themself not good enough for anything
and this is typically heightened by the lack of phone calls,
text messages, or people talking to them. Cable core is derived
from ones self and usually is very unique but is not trying
hard to be unique or different, it just happens that way because
that is how one is.
by Imperiusentropy October 30, 2005
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