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The Bostonian word for male penis
Person 1: hey man, you got a massive caak
Person 2: thanks brother
by Anus famous December 18, 2015
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CAAK can be good, CAAK can be bad, CAAK can be happy or CAAK can be sad! CAAK can mean anything but must always be written in all caps!
My birthday was so CAAK! I got tons of CAAK and ate red velvet CAAK! All my CAAKS were there! It was a great CAAK all around.
by Lickma Balls September 19, 2015
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A word that can be used in any possible way you want it to be used and can mean anything you want it to mean
Hey caakson caakders, whats going on ya caak?

What the caak is that?

Where the caak is bob?

Fricken caak.

Caakin' caak
by Killerpankakes October 13, 2015
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