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Is a text abbreviation for “Can We talk”. This is useful in cases that you’re about to talk shit, so you need to make sure you can talk freely.
*about to ask about a mutual friend*
Billy: cwt
Tara: yeah what’s up

Billy: ok cool. What Jeff did this morning was dumb.
by Daisydicks September 23, 2019
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cwt= chill with that
usually in texting, Mostly in response to a gross or nasty statement.
charlie: dammmn milo your sis is maaad hotttt
milo: ew cwt bro
by charolett April 30, 2010
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Changing World Technologies.
A private company in America who are developing a process to recycle carbon waste into oil.
by matao June 23, 2003
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There goes Angela strut`n around with her latest BOTM like she something. Aint noth`n but CWT.
by RrrRRrrrr rRRRRRRRR%RaaoulR September 20, 2018
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