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A mainline suburban Philadelphia residential building contractor that was started in the 1970s and built a name for its self with hard work from many talented carpenters over several decades until the 2000 teens when the changing of power to the son of the ownership lead to back stabbing, overcharging, prescription drug abuse and the loss of the high quality expectations that once driven this operation. The last of the employees abandoned ship like the final days of the Vietnam War after their disgraced leader went missing and rumored to be in a local prison.
After his time at CWI, Jose secured a personal loan from a 70 year old college professor by preforming sexual acts on him.

Andrew the electrician is still looking for CWI to pay him.
by Mr Magoe May 15, 2019
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It stands for Cold Weather Indicator, a chick's nipples, because they get hard and stick out.
Jeez, it must be freezing outside, did you see that CWIs on that girl?
by Dale Cooper February 21, 2004
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I cool dude who is nerdy but cute. Also usually a nickname for Chris.
That Cwis dude is super cool
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