locking down one shorty. Boo-Luvin. Kissing in public, holding hands, hugging and squeezing are cuffin' tendencies. Not allowed in public places especially the club or facebook.
Makin out all up on the wall in the club, yo man you are cuffin' that jawn.
by Jay-Rizzy May 08, 2010
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The category muffins and cupcakes actually are included in. For instance, there are lemon frosted, poppy-seed "muffins" served for breakfast, and unfrosted, chocolate "cupcakes" for sale at Starbucks. THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE.
Hook me up with some cuffins, dawg! I'm famished.
by BeeKizzle September 10, 2008
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a mixure of "cupcake" and "muffin," both delicious food used to describe a fuckable and incredible looking boy.
Girl 1: "Oh mah gahd, Jake is such a cuffin!"

Girl 2: "Ohhhh yeah, I'd tap that."
by cutiefacee February 25, 2009
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