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locking down one shorty. Boo-Luvin. Kissing in public, holding hands, hugging and squeezing are cuffin' tendencies. Not allowed in public places especially the club or facebook.
Makin out all up on the wall in the club, yo man you are cuffin' that jawn.
by Jay-Rizzy May 08, 2010
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Noun. A homosexual. One who enjoys the thrill of firmly grasping another mans snorkel.

Check out Casey, he's been bending snorkels all night!

Did you see what Christin did to that guys snorkel? Talk about bent.
Where the hell is Casey? Is he bending snorkels again?

Bro, I was at the minginest party last night. Half of the dudes where snorkel benders and the other half got bent!

Dude, what have you been doing? Your hands smell of snorkel.
by Jay-rizzy December 23, 2014
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