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An American political party that inbred fucks like "sticks" dismiss as insane off-hand. The Communist Party of the United States of America aims to transfer power from the capitalist ruling class to the workers.
The CPUSA is a great party that is misunderstood by white trash fucks.
by Sarte December 20, 2006
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The Communist Party of the United States of America. Wanting to impliment a Communist economy and society today!

Always the party that gets neg 0% of the vote on election day, right next to the greenies, Constitutionalists, and Socialists.
"Holyefuckin'shit teh CP is in town and they're handing out hammer and sickle bumper stickers!"
"Go back to Russia you Bolshevik red-head fucks!"
by Sticks January 26, 2005
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Communist Party, USA is a marxist-Leninist (made up of Russian-Americans). Oldest communist Party in world, 1918. Supported the black supremacy groups (ie: Black Panther Party) and Black National Congress. Far left is black Far right is KKK and Neo-Nazi. Their leader is Sam Webb who represents US in Communist summits, really old guy. Sam looks Russian. Also party of now-famous poet and activist, Frank Marshal Davis, who moved to Hawaii and thought Pres. Obama tricks-of-the-trade.

Affiliated with all the marxist professors goal of teaching communism. Who heard of deleonlist professor's anyway? Never mentioned by any radio stations or TV stations, because due to the smith act, the followers freelanced and took a New Union Party stance on censoring words like communist and marxist. CPUSA now situated as a think-tank for far-left Democrats.

Basically, the de-facto party to the present the far-left.
Sam Webb is from the CPUSA. He is more popular than Tom Dooley!

Great! Now we have a choice of which school of thought
I know, China uses them as their pet product, because they predate Chinese Communist Party.
To this day, I don't know why China picks CPUSA over the Revolutionary CPUSA. My only guess is to embarrass the Russians!
by HELLADS May 17, 2010
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