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COWS- Center Of the World Syndrome
Someone who suffers from this believes they are the center of the world, that everything revolves around them. They truly believe that everyone actually gives a damn about every little thing that happens in their lives. These people also suffer from a tendency to post EVERYTHING on facebook, literally EVERYTHING.......

NOBODY CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The entire cast of Jersey Shore & the Kardashians suffer from COW syndrome

Facebook statuses may consist of:
"I just cut my finger!"
"I miss my babe!"
"My babe just cooked dinner for me!"
"omg I just got these beautiful flowers!"
"Just took a shit"
"Had so much fun this weekend with my babe! We went to this club, then to dinner, then a magical fairy ride, then we got home and had a magical fairy dessert!, then we took a both!, then we cuddled in bed! then we went to bed staring into each other's eyes!"
"omg I'm so happy! i couldn't be happier! Life is wonderful!"
"let's talk about me"-COW Syndrome
by WEDONTGIVEASHIT November 30, 2010
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