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The Part of a Womans panties (if equipped) in which a swatch of cotton cloth or patch is placed to meet exactly at the vaginal area, providing a soft surface for the genital area. This part also serves as an absorbing cloth for bodily fluids such as sweat, menstrual period, urine, feces and leftover sperm from the male partner(s).
Girl, I just dirtied my cotton patch with a little pee-pee...
by Deaner Beaner November 24, 2006
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A hairstyle, usually adopted by elderly white women. A curly, big, fluffy, white, round ball of hair on one's head. Similar to an afro.

The hairstyle is a "cotton patch" when such "ball of hair" is so big that when you're driving behind the person in your car, you can't see around her hair.
Driver: *tries to see through the windshield of the car in front* "Man, that woman's got some big hair."

Me: "OMG, that woman's got a HUGE cotton patch!"

All: LOL
by HexMaster August 13, 2007
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Hey man i was just at the COTTON PATCH there was this hot oldie but her dentures fell out while she took off her bra!!
by The big phone! August 19, 2010
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