An abrievation for "Cuddle on the Couch". Spooning with a significant other on a large, comfortable couch. Blanket highly recommended. It is acceptable for bros to also COTC, if you call no homo.
I got a new couch, COTC?
by Cody Ca$h June 23, 2011
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β€œI really got a craving for some COTC”

β€œJuly is the best time for COTC”
by Poopie boy July 26, 2018
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An internet abbreviation meaning, "Crapping On The Ceiling."
Dude! Did you know that there is a new internet extension called Fire sheep, that allows you to Side-jack a social networkers account from unsecured Wifi hot-spots?
Oh my God! I'm totally COTC!
by Cold_Pizza October 27, 2010
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Corn on the cob. If you ain't know what someone meant by " I am craving cotc " then yee are uncultured
Where The cotc be ?
by BlacksupremRacist July 26, 2018
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