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C O T C is a neurological disorder. It comes in swings and can act up. When it acts up it can slow your brain down and make you bad at Among us. Popular twitch streamer, Steven Suptic, struggles with really bad COTC. He also has the worse version, CCOTC, though that only acts up during October.
Person A: "My COTC is acting up today."

Person B: "Uh, I don't know what that is."

Person A: "Are you fucking with me right now? You really don't know what it means?"

Person B: "No, I'm sorry. It sounds terrible."

Person A: "Well... It's Corn on the cob."

Person B: "Oh my God."

Person A: "But don't even get me started on CCOTC."
by Pastel_love March 12, 2021
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