A CMG kid is the outcast of a specific FiveM (GTA Roleplay) server known as "CMG". This can differ between wanna-be hackers, that use public information scraping services such as 192.com, to dox 12 years olds as in intimidation method, preventing them from getting banned for rulebreaks. A CMG kid can also be a skid from the same FiveM server, born into wealth. They flex legal money that they are holding in crypto, while acting like it was all illegally obtained through logs/cookies such as coinbase and paypal. Aside from those two types of degenerates, the majority of CMG kids are 14 year old, silver spoon children who quite clearly force slang and act like they are on road. This is extremely cringe to listen to and unbearable in most cases. They commonly use phrases such as: "Wait til I catch you lackin" and "Long day for you bro". While at the same time, they are petrified of the skids that were stated earlier, they label them as "scary hackers". The funniest part about all of this, is that you can hear the evolution over time. CMG kids slowy transition from posh boys to one of the three specified types above, or in the worst case maybe even all three.
It's cringe as fuck when that Sphases guy hard forces his slang, definitely a CMG kid.
by qazwe1 June 8, 2022