And abbriviation for call me.
Girl: babe CM

Boy: alright babygirl
by Desssyyyyy💜 April 21, 2018
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CM - abbreviation for the CBS show Criminal Minds.
Person 1: Hey man! What are you doing later, want to hang out?
Person 2: Can't, sorry. I'm watching CM tonight.
by thatperson_ July 14, 2015
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a slang term for pussy meaning cunnie master
usually used in st-Andrews school in Nassau Bahamas
he is a big cm
by ya mummy crabby February 10, 2020
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"CM" or "Cunny Man" is a term created in the Bahamas to refer to someone who is get gyals easy.
Bahamian 1: Had go bey CM
Bahamian 2: Bey its really you bey
by Dwotty September 26, 2020
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