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Crazy Korean Girl. Number one sign of a ckg is dyed hair. Ckg's are crazy and very manipulative. They are the definition of trickery and will trick you multiple times.
No dont get tricked by Hyemi. She's a ckg.
by kingdaballer May 24, 2016
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Creskill Korean G's

2PMs, Jangson, Dylee, HeyGuys, Aycee, Bojj, GNOME, atNA, Swan, BJun, Bluworlf, DD, Lewis, Mini, Beer, Princess KtHong, Sushi
Ayo CkG!
by 2PMs July 02, 2010
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CKG is an acronym for Crip Killa Gang, a Blood gang centered in Modesto, California. If you see a group of 5 or more guys in red snapbacks and red athletic shorts, just keep walking and don't even look in their direction.
Oh man don't fuck with them niggas in red over there, they be CKG.
by Spydr Webb February 05, 2013
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The man one step behind McDonalds.

The man you put the Famous in the Star.
Lets going to CKG. Oh you mean Carls Jr. Nah, I want Chicken McMuggets.
by Ric February 08, 2004
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