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Mom: "Timmy, did you and your friends have fun last night?"

Son: "Yeah! We had some CJBS!

Mom: "That's nice sweety. Just so you know for next time, I'm down."
by InThJngleBornNdRaised December 28, 2009
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Acronym for "cheap jew bastard". Someone does not have to be jewish to be cheap, thus making cjb a universal term for something or someone that is cheap. To be cjb is to be very cheap, doing some next level cheap stuff.
1. Stop being so cjb
2. That kid is so cjb
3. The game is so cjb
by assmoney February 04, 2009
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"The boss is such a C.J.B., he wouldn't even give me a $1.00 raise"
by Moonminer December 12, 2007
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Man, there is a serious lack of CJBs where I live.
by Amy February 27, 2005
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"Al Feinbaum over at Super Iron and Metal is such a fkn CJB." Often, but not always, used in the scrap metal industry. Prevalent use for Iranian Jewish realtors and contractors.
by M. L. Gandhi July 12, 2008
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