Probably the smartest, cutest, and most successful boys around.
Also, known for being exceptionally well-endowed.

Questions to ask yourself if you're not sure you're a Jewish boy:
1) Was I worth $5000 as a 13yo?
2) Do I call people dicks or schmucks
3) Do I have an obsession with Asian Girls?
4) Am I an Ivy-Leaguer?
5) If I am not an Ivy-Leaguer, do I go to Brandeis, Tufts, NYU or GWU?
6) Do my parents want me to be a doctor
7) Am I more likely to manage a sports team than play on one?
8) Does Christmas piss me off?
Girl 1: "I heard Jewish boys have the biggest dicks."
Girl 2: "Ya heard right!"

Asian girl 1: "I'd just love to date a cute Jewish boy!"
Asian girl 2: "Join the club."

Goy: "Yo, if it's passover, how are you gonna turn up?"
by broliaschiller December 11, 2014
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1. The kind of guy that a triple-h- and other Jewish girls have a wicked crush on. Common characteristics include:

- Curly dark hair
- Brown eyes
- Swarthy/olive complection
- Very kind
- A big nose
- Really intelligent
- Extremely funny
- Kind of well-built, on the skinny side
- Tall
- Is very attached to his stereotypical Jewish mother that is very over-protective and probably hate the girl that finally sinks her claws into him

2. How elderly Jews refer to younger male members of the tribe.
1. Rachel: OMG, did you see Chris from Hebrew school?!
Sarah: Yeah, his is a nice Jewish boy!

2. Elderly Jew 1: Do you know that boychick that volunteers at the old folk's home?
Elderly Jew 2: Oh yes, Chris is such a nice Jewish boy!
by Michelle Weinstein August 10, 2005
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When you go skydiving, and you pull down your pant and take a HUGE dump. It accelerates so fast to the ground it becomes a deadly weapon.
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