Probably the smartest, cutest, and most successful boys around.
Also, known for being exceptionally well-endowed.

Questions to ask yourself if you're not sure you're a Jewish boy:
1) Was I worth $5000 as a 13yo?
2) Do I call people dicks or schmucks
3) Do I have an obsession with Asian Girls?
4) Am I an Ivy-Leaguer?
5) If I am not an Ivy-Leaguer, do I go to Brandeis, Tufts, NYU or GWU?
6) Do my parents want me to be a doctor
7) Am I more likely to manage a sports team than play on one?
8) Does Christmas piss me off?
Girl 1: "I heard Jewish boys have the biggest dicks."
Girl 2: "Ya heard right!"

Asian girl 1: "I'd just love to date a cute Jewish boy!"
Asian girl 2: "Join the club."

Goy: "Yo, if it's passover, how are you gonna turn up?"
by broliaschiller December 11, 2014
the inexplicable, unconventional, yet undeniable charm, magnetism, and sex appeal that emanates from many a mensch. basically, the qualities of a nice jewish boy on steroids.
he may be kind of busted but goddamn if he ain't got enough jewish boy swag to power rego park
by tony72 March 23, 2022
1. The kind of guy that a triple-h- and other Jewish girls have a wicked crush on. Common characteristics include:

- Curly dark hair
- Brown eyes
- Swarthy/olive complection
- Very kind
- A big nose
- Really intelligent
- Extremely funny
- Kind of well-built, on the skinny side
- Tall
- Is very attached to his stereotypical Jewish mother that is very over-protective and probably hate the girl that finally sinks her claws into him

2. How elderly Jews refer to younger male members of the tribe.
1. Rachel: OMG, did you see Chris from Hebrew school?!
Sarah: Yeah, his is a nice Jewish boy!

2. Elderly Jew 1: Do you know that boychick that volunteers at the old folk's home?
Elderly Jew 2: Oh yes, Chris is such a nice Jewish boy!
by Michelle Weinstein August 11, 2005
When you go skydiving, and you pull down your pant and take a HUGE dump. It accelerates so fast to the ground it becomes a deadly weapon.