An ol skoo game that you play while driving. Your car needs to be full of people. When you stop at a red light, you put the car in park then ALL passengers (driver included) get out of the car and quickly switch into random positions elsewhere inside the viehicle. The object is to pull this off before the light turns green...Otherwise you're screwed.
It is fun when the passengers are caught off guard and the driver suddenly cries out "CHINESE FIREDRILL!!!" and everyone is hella frantic.

The modified version of this is to do CHINESE FIREDRILL with multiple cars following back-to-back each other, as in Joshiro007's birthday. Every red light or stop sign encountered, triggered everyone to get out of the cars they were in and either go in another area of the car or a totally different car altogether and resume driving.
by Joshiro007 February 23, 2003
chinese firedrill is when a car comes to a red light, someone yells "chinese firedrill!!", somebody has to get out and run around the car (doesn't matter who, "not it" works) and get back in before the light turns green.

If the light turns green before the person is back in the car, the driver drives off. this gets especially amusing when someone locks the doors.
Nate was stranded when he didn't make it back in the car during the chinese firedrill.
by snoop dizzle January 19, 2005
Any incident involving mass confusion, esp. involving a particularly large crowd. Basically, a bunch of people panicing when they really shouldn't be.
"Trying to evacuate the city before the hurricane hit was like a chinese fire drill; people were running everywhere."
by Telegram Sam April 27, 2003
When 6 guys and one women with one in the front and 5 in the back one yells fire then everyone runs around and switches positions
Me and my friends pulled a Chinese firedrill on this chick and destroyed her .
by Crazyj187 May 22, 2017
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