Acronym for Cocky Arrogant Bastards; a club for the best. A member within this club may also be referred to as a CAB as well. The prerequesites are strongly based upon overall appearance, class, family heritage, family wealth, current occupation, and most importantly, a snooty I'm-better-than-you attitude. In order to join this club you must initially contact and interview with the founding member and must be approved by every single current member as well thereafter; an example of how like-minded each member is ideally supposed to be. The founding member, however, has authority to veto or exile any applicant or member at any time if violations are severe enough.
"The man's a fuckin stud....he's probably a CAB."

stud, best, cocky, arrogant, club, talent, skill, athletic
by CAB Founder October 17, 2011
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