1) A parting taunt rather than an insult. Used to exude dominance over lesser beings (I.e Police, Chavs and Junkies) Ideally used when escapeing in some sort of vehicle, the poorer quality of the vehicle to better.
Akin to "I'll get you next time He-Man"

2) Something to shout at a person falling off a cliff.
1) "C U LATER" (Says a man on a Penny Farthing escaping the police)

2) Becareful of that cliff (Push) "C U LATER"
by Liam De Niro April 10, 2006
a promise often followed by a term of endearment

a suggestion of future <sexual> encounters, perhaps since this moment is too short for full satisfaction
"c u later, honey"

"C U later" with raised eyebrows, or a coy look.
by zAyla weedz August 17, 2006
to say goodbye in Boulder, Colorado to a friend on the street, followed by the C U bye. Boulder is home of the University of Colorado.
Two friends are finished with coffee, upon parting, they say...C U Later, C U Bye.
by beachstu February 20, 2007