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A term of endearment for something or someone of extraordinary cuteness. Conveys a feeling of silliness and childlike super-cuteness.
I love you honey, you are my special buttlet.
by liljoint April 03, 2009
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the part of the ass that hangs visibly beneath the hemline of short-shorts/hotpants.
Those are some grade-A buttlets over thaar, thank god for dirty girls.
by logan cleaver October 07, 2003
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Those squishy inserts that look like chicken cutlets designed to enhance the rear end.
"Where's my other buttlet!?!I have a date tonight!"

A:Nice ass Jill
B:Thanks,I got new Buttlets.

by R.A.D. June 16, 2007
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A tiny butt. A small buttocks. A miniscule ass. A miniature backside. A junkless trunk. A baby booty. A wee rump. A bony backyard etc.
Guy #1. She has a cute little butt.
Guy #2 Yeah check out that buttlet.
by Bdazzell November 03, 2009
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