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A Canadian female World of Warcraft player, formerly of the US-Elune server, who was discovered to have submitted webcam-made masturbation videos through someone who was known as HansDick. The videos were discovered, supposedely, by a member of her guild (Just Crusade). The links to the videos were then provided to members of the guild RIP Co. (pimps) which were then nearly immediately posted to the US-Elune server forums and immediate hillarity ensued. Butterbum and her e-boyfriend Nutters swiftly left the server and settled on Alleria. It is, however, unknown at this time if they are still on the server or even if they play. A Google search of "Doesn't Afraid" and "Butterbum" will return links that are, at this time, unverified to still contain the videos. PS - She has some serious roast beef down there and fingerbangs herself with her ring finger. Strange...
Man, did you see the Butterbum vid?
Yeah, I did. I came buckets.
by BaneElune May 07, 2009
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someone who eats sticks of butter as snacks and cannot get off their fat butt
the butterbum tried to get off his couch, but was enveloped in stacks of butter which were towering by his tv
by poodinhayd December 30, 2009
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