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The anus where illicit drugs are smuggled, usually by a non-smoking American with a mustache who occasionally wears capes and Canadian toques.
"What are you going to do if we can't get weed in over spring break Bobby Brown? No problem, I always have my butt-house."
by RowdyMcRICH March 01, 2012
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1. Hideous

2. One who is indescribably ugly.

3. (adj) Used to describe something extreme.
1. He/She had the most butthouse face I have ever seen.
by Elmo Acacia November 08, 2009
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Background tech-house muzak. DJ friendly 8 minute long glorified metronomes. The essential sound of the dream abandoning yupster returning to the suburbs. Enthusiasts of the genre consume copious amounts of ketamine and GHB while jerking off thin air behind conspicuously placed Pioneer CDJs.
Alice: Anything going on tonight?
Bob: Nah, just that rooftop thing butthouse in Fishtown.

Rick: I love this laid back techy yet housy vibe!
Sara: Didn't know you were into butthouse...
by arbitrationlawyer July 23, 2017
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