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That moment when your rear-end releases everything in your stomach, then begins to dry heave after being emptied. This condition is normally accompanied by questions like, "What the hell did I eat?" and followed by, "I'm never eating that again" knowing damn well you're going to be greedy in 48 hours.
Bruh I swear fo gawd I'm butt-drunk. I've been on this toilet for 48 minutes!
by JackBanner May 08, 2018
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When one experiences temporary memory loss due to glancing at another person's ass.
After being slapped by my coworker, I asked her "What was that for?" She replied, "You were staring at my ass!" I must have been buttdrunk cause I do not recall seeing that booty.
by Elac Mimerz August 19, 2016
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The act of pouring large amounts of any type of alcohol into your own or someone else's asshole.
Dude, Jenny got me so buttdrunk last night that I shit Pilsner and Whiskey for 6 consecutive hours!
by 2LegitToShit September 03, 2016
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