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Portion of a female (or God forbid a male...) tramp stamp that rises in a curly fashion out of the top of her rolled-down gym shorts, as if growing out of the dirt in her ass crack. Most commonly observed in the gym where sluts roll down their shorts to attract attention, or at the beach. The butt weed has the property of turning an otherwise sexy girl summarily into a piece of trash.
Dude #1: "Bro check that one out. I'd hit that shit"
Dude #2: (turns to look and girl turns around) "Dude, fuck that she's got butt weed."
Dude #1: "Yeah didn't see that. I'm over it."
by ucfryan November 08, 2006
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A nonsensical word to be used as an insult around children, in place of a harsher word.
Dadgummit, that buttweed just pulled out in front of me! Rats!
by Joe Bod August 01, 2010
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