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A common saying that appears in any post where Jimin and dance are mentioned in the same sentence. Usually used by Armys that forget that Jimin is also a main dancer in BTS or do not feel like Jimin deserves to be praised by anything besides being cute or sexy.
An alternative is ‘where’s J-Hope’ when Jimin is nominated for dance polls.
1 example:
‘I really like Jimin’s dance’
Armeries:‘But J-Hope is the main dancer of BTS and also the best, it was said by Mr. Son himself’

2 example:
*Kai, Taemin and Jimin get called the brotherhood of dancing machines in a video*
Armeries:’But J-Hope’

3 example:
Professional dancers: *praise, admire and want to collab with Jimin*
Armeries: ‘but J-Hope is the best dancer of the industry’
by SimplyKSJ May 19, 2018
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