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The feeling a person gets when their partner busts to soon.

The feeling a partner has after their mate premature ejaculates
I'm so bustrated. My partner does not last more than 30 seconds.

I'm so bustrated he didnt even make it out of his pants.
by Rusty chimp April 30, 2011
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The frustration of waiting for a particular bus and having every number BUT the one for which you are waiting stop. Also applies to buses with the correct number, but which are going in the opposite of your intended direction.
I've been waiting for the number 10 for 30 minutes and only the 65, 34, and 15 have stopped here so far - I'm so bustrated!

OMG, so bustrated - how many number 25s *downtown* do I have to see across the street before the 25 *uptown* gets here?!
by whatdivawants August 25, 2013
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