1.When somebody is Bitching at you for no good reason or nagging at you to do something you don't want to do.
Shit Bitch, quit Busting my Balls about me being out all night with my friends.
by Mojo Maniac July 11, 2008
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An often vital practice relating to relationship-maintenance. Relationship counselors broadly refer to this as preserving “healthy vulnerability,” or tletting down your guard, being completely honest,in order to demonstrate loyalty, love, trust, and willingness to self-sacrifice for a friend who might not immediately appreciate such risk, interpreting it instead as intrusiveness and abuse at first.

Theory: A constant background level of nagging can insure that when you do “lose your shit,” you will be around supportive friends who are willing to change your emotional diaper. The insult-trading practice of “Playing the dozens” use to serve a similar purpose in the Black community until it fell out of fashion due to its historically-repugnant origins in slavery (devaluation/objectification when slaves were bundled by the dozen). It's a social means to avoid the emptiness of “I’m fine” when checking in with a friend who may be too full of grit to want to burden others with personal problems. This is also why in New York City, “F*ck you!” and “F*ck you too!” have respectively come to replace “Hello my friend! Are you truly okay?” and “Why yes I am. Thank you for caring so sincerely and deeply!”
Busting My Balls:

Tony and Vincenzo were busting each other's balls until Vincenzo broke down and admitted he he had to put down his 25-year old retriever, Zeus, today. We should bring him some Stromboli and get blotto with him later.
by metadrool November 11, 2021
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when a coworker keeps nagging you and giving u shit
kenny why you gotta bust my balls ill get the work done...*mumbles*asshole
by Bang your dead September 4, 2006
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Someone who is willing to be a bufffer between two people busting each other's balls and or driving eachother insane. The BMBB is typically a child(over 18) or grandchild(over 18) willing to step in and “say separate corners people!”
“Don we need to have Rachel come be the Bust My Balls Buffer! This is just getting to crazy! “
by Ariel PlusSure December 4, 2017
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