When you masturbstate for straight 6 rounds after an extended period of abstinence due to circumstantial inconveniences.
End of the summer camp:
Jim: ‘Ye when I’m back home imma bust a fat nut
Jack: ‘nice’
by 'Filthy Mortal Child' July 14, 2019
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v. Ejaculating in a satisfying or otherwise noteworthy manner, especially if an unusually high volume of semen was produced. If the nut was busted under embarrassing and/or hilarious circumstances, chances are it was a mighty fat nut.
I was jerking off in my room, and right as I was about to finish my mom called me down for dinner, and I yelled "coming!", then started laughing really hard at the double-entendre, but the laughter made me double over and I ended up busting a mighty fat nut all over my brand-new polo shirt.
by The Splartmeister January 7, 2017
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When you cum so much that it could cover a fat ass.
Guy 1: Aw shit I’m about to bust a fat ass nut in your tight pink pussy

Girl 2: Yeah fill me up with your warm cum daddy. Fun fact: Since you said fat ass in that sentence you’re implying that all your cum could cover my fat ass.

Guy 1: Wow, I didn’t know that *cums fat ass nut*
by USLOPA May 11, 2023
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