kick someones ass, or beat someone up
ima come over there and ima bust a cap
by swapanl February 3, 2007
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History of term: This refers to a toy gun for children that can be loaded with little white powder caps that create a bang sound and small amount of smoke when the trigger is pulled. The word "cap" in the term is derived from the name Capulets . one of the fueding families in the shakesperean drama Romeo and juliet. when used in the term "bust a cap" it is also refering to the theatrical and seemingly gang related interpretation of the play by high school level students.
"Bust a cap on that fool"
by Mr.Lex Luther March 2, 2017
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Girl, don't even go there, unless you want me to Bust-A-Cap :*
by I love you March 30, 2005
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to put a bullet in someone; to shoot someone
u better bust a cap in a nigga before he get away
by 4bebo June 10, 2008
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When she desperately wants to give you head
Oh honey, I wanna suck your di—*thud* awww fuck, my knee caps. (Busted knee caps)
by ǝɹǝɥʇ ollǝɥ October 18, 2019
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