Yet another term for the mullet, accurately describing its dual nature as part ladder climbing bank employee crossed with bad hair band musician, with the end result pretty much putting it in body shop worker territory.
"Dude! check out that grub's hair! Business in front, party in the back!!"
by Verks December 27, 2005
He tore off his Caterpillar hat, showing even more of his mullet hairstyle and cried "Yeah lady! It's business up front party in the back!"
by Tragnou Rosalbo October 3, 2009
Business: confident, presentable, serious

Party: At ease, hanging loose, flowing, always ready for a good time...
After winning the world championship lawnmower races, Earl shouted "Business up front party in the back!" with his dirty-greasy mullet flowing in the breeze. Meanwhile his competitors stood to the side cowering in defeat.
by Ryan Michael R October 31, 2007