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The term Business Decision is used to rationalize a seemingly irrational choice in the face of obvious or logical alternatives. Often, there appears to be no logic whatsoever in a "Business Decision" which is coincidently very often the case. The term Business Decision is frequently used by executives and managers at corporations to describe a poor decision while either saving face or avoiding laughing uncontrollably.
"We made a 'Business Decision' to use a service that is offered by a key business partner at ten times the price of an effective alternative from a different supplier."
by rock well August 08, 2012
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In sports, choosing not to go all out on a defensive play for fear of injury or replay humiliation.
"LeBron simply backed off as Rose emphatically dunked the ball towards. Had he not made that business decision, he surely would have been posterized."

Guy: "Did you see that, D'angelo Hall didn't even try to tackle Gronkowski as he dragged two defenders into the endzone!?"
Dude: "He couldn't have stopped him, he had to make a business decision."
by Bama Self January 13, 2012
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