Corruption/slang version of "Bourgeoisie" from the 1930's/40's era, most commonly heard in Populist, Socialist, and Union talk.

See Wikipedia for more on "Bourgeoisie"

The common pronunciation of Bourgeoisie" as
" boo - zhwah" should be self-explanatory for this.

"Bushwa" was a 'bridge word' for many people in those times, it could mean "Bourgeoisie" or "Bullshit" or both at the same time
This tax bill is Bushwa.
Don't give me any more of your Bushwa.
A term to be substituted for "bullshit". Coined in the early 1930's.
"Ya had to buy a bottle of water for $10!"
by Eric R. April 25, 2005
Lies, Lies, Lies
George Bush is full of Bushwa. The tax cut for the rich will create jobs for the poor, that's Bushwa!
by Amy May 11, 2003
Propaganda inflicted on the American Public by corrupt Press Sources such as Fox News and CBS. Misinformation. Lies corruption and Scandal.
The Bushwa media has robbed the American public of a realistic vision of War.
by Gratfulpranx March 20, 2008
This is a semi-phonetic corruption of the the word "bourgeois." The blues singer (and communist) Leadbelly wrote a song called the "Bourgeois Blues." The refrain was: It's a bushwa town, It's a bushwa town."

Bushwa is used to indicate that something is reactionary or allied with the property class. Leadbelly wrote the song in 1946 in disgust at being denied service at Washington D.C. restaurants.
You're hung up on your petty bushwa interests.
by Dr. Hilarius July 6, 2010