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What druggies commonly call aluminum foil used for smoking, meth, cocaine or heroin.
Hey, I got some crystal for my homie, Burnt Reynolds.
by peelincaps February 06, 2010
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Not your typical sunburn; a burn only felt by suave motherfuckers, hence the Burt Reynolds namesake. Tom Selleck, whom I'm sure sported a Burnt Reynolds on more than one occasion during the filming of Magnum P.I., could also work as a namesake, but doesn't rhyme with burn in any conceivable way.

Common amongst those of Italian/Latino/Pacific Islander other olive complections, whom are chronic tanners and/or surfers.

Doesn't show the red of a normal burn because the person is too tan already. Once they have reached their deepest tan, it's the condition just slightly beyond this.

Symptoms; extreme dark tan, slightly crispy texture, with a little extra heat; see "afterburn" but never appearing as a haole red burn; see "lobster face"

Commonly occurs after long surfing sessions in the tropics. Or overtanning by Guidos.
Brah this Indo boat trip has got me straight up Burnt Reynolds... I don't know if my skin can take another 8 hour surf session tomorrow...
by NYGuido January 30, 2011
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A funny name for a nasty dude who has slept with so many skeezers, hoochies, and skig-skags that he's burned or "burnt" with STD's for the rest of his life.
Person #1 : Man, I heard that he banged that nasty chick from down the way!

Person #2 : That's nasty! She probably burned the hair off his head!

Person #1 : He should just change his name to Burnt Reynolds.
by phuckyes June 07, 2014
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