When one wishes ill upon another or simply having a conversation among peers and needing to comment on what someone has said to you.
by n4t3 April 12, 2004
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the male predicament

the 'urge'; pouring gasoline on the desire/s of the male, particularly when seen as transparent by the desired would-be sexual partner.

a state largely not understood by the female. -a state of mental spontaneous combustion, ie: burning from the inside.
i know john was burning in hell after he got to feel THOSE tits!
by michael foolsley November 20, 2009
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a sentance used by butters to show how gay he is, its true how gay butters is. using this word in modern sentances makes you 1337 if you dont say it or dissaprove it makes you gay REALLY REALLY GAY.

see butters farted,butter's SanDisk
butters farted, then justin takes out butters sandisk then butters says to max burn in hell, then every one in the room says how gay butters is.
by Maxamillian,the1337 January 6, 2006
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This event falls on February 10

It’s a day where you can be as angry at your parents as you want. They ruin our lives? They can go to hell!
“Hey Mary did you know its National Parents Burn In Hell Day?”

No I did not! That’s awesome, my parents are assholes
by Spongecake10 February 4, 2021
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