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An old urkrainian insult meaning someone is being a silly bitch. The literal translation being outhouse or toilet or shitter.
Did you see Bob do that triple gainer and land on his fuckin head!?

Yah, what a crazy bunyak!
by Ukrainium June 29, 2012
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To fold or crease the brim of a baseball cap. It is usually done to ruin a flat brim hat and pisses people off.
hey mike, is this your new $35 phillies hat? How about a nice bunyak for it!
by Hockey11 July 21, 2010
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Bunyak has only had one meaning, but like most cultures, it can be affectionately used
A Bunyak is quite frankly an Idiot/fool, but that idiot is a Ukranian idiot.
My Dad used to call us all Bunyaks when we got impatient as kids. "Chikai-Chikai Bunyak" means "hold your horses you fool" or don't get your shit in a knot, moron.
by twinesplitter September 08, 2016
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Hungarian surname that translates to "women or man who has had many sexual partners" or "thot" in english.
by women respecter 23 June 26, 2017
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