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A nature-lover who champions the fauna over the flora (for latter see "tree hugger"). Hyperbole often used as a deprecating reference to those in the "environmental extremist" camp.
He shared his hunting pictures around the office mostly to enjoy the horrified look on the Bunny Huggers' faces.
by Knallgodt September 13, 2010
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noun. a person with a fondness for fluffy animals, often a salad muncher

noun. an attractive, callipygian female with whom you'd very much like to have anal sex (derived from spoonerism of honey and bugger)
Who was that bird with the fantastic arse? She was a right bunny-hugger
by Urban Dictionary April 23, 2005
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An activist, a bleeding-heart liberal, a person concerned about the plight of others. A bunnyhugger is distinct from a treehugger in that they want to save humanity or the animals, as opposed to the environment.
Our plan to build a six-lane highway through the countryside was scuppered by a 'save the flying squirrels' campaign by the local bunnyhuggers.
by L Lonnqvist September 08, 2006
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Similar to a Tree Hugger. Such as a member of PAWS or PETA.
The Bunny Hugger won't let me put lipstick on my sheep.
by Fatguyinalittlecoat December 03, 2004
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