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Someone who is lazy, or lazier than hell. They just sit around, not doing anything important...

Examples of these lazy old assholes:

Most Politicians (Of fucking course)
B-movie writers (BET ON IT)
B-movie animators (*Stiffly turns around*)
The creators of little cars (The ripoff of Pixar's movie Cars)
The KKK (Too lazy to find the actual problems and blame it on diversity)
Fundamentalists (Find "answers" in a book rather than actually trying to find it, which is actually more trouble than it's worth)
Nazis (See KKK, except with a different kind of diversity)
Westboro Baptist Church (These guys blame everything on God's wrath at homosexuals...even the KKK thinks they're nutjobs)
And of course, the Average Man (Don't deny it, we're all fucking lazy)
And he just sat there...what a bump on a log.
by A Terrible Driver August 15, 2009
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