When ,while jacking off, a man accidentally ejaculates into his navel, then, while running to the nearest shower or sink, it appears to his friends that he has been shot in the stomach.
Nah, he's just bullet wounded himself.
by Super Hans October 29, 2010
After receiving oral sex, as the male is about to bust he presses his dick firmly against the females forehead and let's the semen drip down, like a bullet wound to the head.
"Oh man, I gave a girl a bullet wound last night. It was awesome."
by Kehny P April 12, 2010
You ass hole, when exposed it looks like a bullet wound gone rusty.
She has a loose rusty bullet wound
by Rory April 1, 2003
Rusty bullet wound is a phrase that describes someones or somethings arse hole....
Holy shit! That dirty bitch I pulled when I was pissed last night let me bone her right in the rusty bullet wound!..... .
by mrinkredible..... September 21, 2010
1) To apply extremely limited resources to resolve massive problems. 2) To try to fix an extremely large problem, usually caused by some idiot (ie. your boss) that you are expected to pull some fairy dust out of your ass to fix.
Eric: What's going on man?
Bryan: Cleaning up this mess Antonia made.
Eric: Nothing you can't handle.
Bryan: Hardly. I will be putting bandaids on bullet wounds trying to keep this shit from going South.
by blckexec January 24, 2015
The result of having an incredibly hot curry the night before.
Waking up with an arse like a fresh bullet wound
by grandslam90 January 12, 2009