Marine Corps term for Infantrymen or Riflemen on the frontlines on combat.
"Let me get my bullet sponges to the front line."
by LCpl Marc Pigeon June 15, 2007
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N. (1)Another term for a member of the armed forces that are placed in a great deal of fire fights, wherein there's a large possibility of getting shot.(2)The frontlines of an army during the early battles revolutionary war.(I.E. Before the de4scion stop using straightline formations by the United States, in favor of tatics reminscient of jungle warfare)
1)My brother recently joined the marines, he'll make a great bullet sponge.

2)The straightline formations of the redcoats during the revolutionary war made them essentially bullet sponges.
by Sonic Youth July 29, 2005
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An overused term that the normies of COD and Battlefields like to throw around to diss Looter Games like The Division or Warframe, even though themselves never understand the concept of Looter Games and/or too lazy to grind their asses out for better equipment.
Enthusiast: Hey, have you ever played Warframe before?
Trend Seeker: Uh, isn't that the game which has a lot of bullet sponge enemies?
Enthusiast: Have you been playing COD recently?
by thatguywhoplayfgo February 4, 2019
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1. A man or woman who risks their lives for their country are bullet sponges
2. The bravest amongst us put them selves in danger for their country like a bullet sponge
by ellybelly161 July 3, 2010
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a person in halo or another shooter game who absorbs every bullet shot at them.
dude i cant even believe youre dead, total bullet sponge.
by vitalviper12 June 21, 2011
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