A reference to the movie "Ferris Bueller's Day Off"

Used as filler when nobody responds to a question or statement.
Person 1: Has anybody seen my hat?
Person 2: ...
Person 1: Bueller?
by Nathaniel Jones June 7, 2005
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No one is there. A constant trying to contact a person with zero replies back.
I tried to contact a coworker about a issue, but he went Bueller on me. Or; my girlfriend and I had an argument last night, & now I'm going to Bueller every single phone call & text that she sends me.
by Reno/flex August 18, 2017
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No ones there. Alone. Talking to a group of people when you know none of them what to volunteer for what you’re asking.
Who wants to ride with me to the store?.......bueller?
by TheTLow September 15, 2019
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Taking a day off from your adult responsibilities to relax and reconnect with your inner child by watching movies / television ads from your childhood, eating the same food etc.

Not yet sanctioned by modern psychology
"Yeah my therapist recommended I try "Buellering"

"That's cool dude, I've been buellering pretty much every day for the past two years"
by radiotilmidnight August 25, 2021
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someone, usually a friend that misses out on class ocasionally.
person 1: hey, why werent you in class today?

person 2: i didnt feel like waking up.

person 1: wow bueller, come to class next time.
by dman1008 November 17, 2009
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From the title character in the classic movie "Ferris Bueller's Day Off".

To take time off work, in an unauthorised and if possible un-noticed way.

Most commonly to leave work for lunch with a few close friends and not come back.
Slacker1: How's it going?
Slacker2: Man. I pulled a bueller yesterday afternoon and my boss didn't even notice!
Slaker1: Excellent.
Slacker2: Yeah.
by Martin C. November 10, 2003
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When wondering where a student may consciously be (daydreaming of a teacher's nicely rotund ass, or brain dead as to too much knowledge being packed in at once) prompting if they are indeed present, this may be said.
Prof: Okay, and is this a what? Major triad? ........... <<no answer>> ....... Bueller.......Bueller......Buelller ....... ?
by lexdasex August 28, 2007
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