A very small chance of success, often expressed as "You've got two chances, mate. Buckley's and none." Alternatively contracted to "You've got Buckley's."

Derived from the life of William Buckley, an English soldier convicted of theft circa 1803 and sentenced to transportation to Port Phillip, (present-day Melbourne, in Australia). Buckley escaped and set off for Sydney. He was adopted by the Walthaurung Aborigines and arrived in Sydney in 1835, 32 years later.
Hey Wozza ya reckon Kyles would go for me?

No fuckin' way, Bluey, she wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire.
But I got the horn for her!
Put ya old feller away, dingbat. You've got Buckley's chance.
by penny-the-aussie June 09, 2018
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