An individual or pack consisting of at least 2 women that prowl around rodeos in search of Buckle-Winning cowboys to sleep with. They typically wear short-shorts, mini-skirts, low-cut tops (typically flannel/plaid) , "painted on" jeans, and cowboy boots that resemble the high heel shoe. These cowgirl wannabes will often manipulate cowboys with their cleavage and by lying to them (about how they're true country girls and how they have a horse etc.) in order to get country men interested in getting intimate with them. Basically, they are city girls dressed up as country girls to have a one night stand with country boys. These women are seen as tramps to true cowgirls/country girls.
"Where's David?"

"Oh, I just saw him talking to a Buckle Bunny. They both went into his trailer."
by Tipsy Purple Pachyderm December 1, 2014
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A slutty man or woman that actively seeks out cowboys as romantic or sexual partners.
by DukeDorito October 16, 2017
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A slutty girl at a rodeo trying to hook up with a cowboy. Usually but not always wearing a mini skirt with cheap boots and a low cut shirt they bought specially for the rodeo.
Did you see that buckle bunny go into that trailer?
by mae1223 June 21, 2019
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Derived from or also known as Concho Whore a groupie or slutty female drawn and attracted to Cowboys. Often hopping or being passed around Cowboy "circles" like shes a joint from one to the next. Most generally dressed in a spaqhetti strap or low cut top alot of times also rising or cut off above her belly button, cowboy boots , shiny sparkling concho belt, short shorts or short skirt , very cheap badly shaped straw Cowboy hat or quiet possibly the hat of which belongs to the Cowboy shes currently sleeping with.
The Black Hat Cowboys or HatTrick Cowboys usually have a house full of Buckle Bunnys & Concho whores at the HatTrick Ranch ( those of which known as the HatTrick Whores
by Rockin'G610 May 27, 2018
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That girl Kyla chases after a lot of dudes wearing buckles.

Yeah she such a buckle bunny.
by ClowdusC December 18, 2019
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A slut who is a cowgirl wannabe. She wears little to no clothing in hopes of getting under a cowboy's buckle. She takes good cowboys from actual deserving cowgirls. She is a city slicker in faux boots, and a push-up bra to get the attention of any cowboy at a rodeo. They are usually mean and look down on the 'country' life, but will still sleep with anything that moves. They are what every cowgirl fears when their S.O. goes off on the rodeo circuit. Any real hard-working cowgirl hates a Buckle Bunny.
"There goes my man. I hope he stays away from any Buckle Bunnies."
"He slept with a Buckle Bunny last night, and she broke up our relationship."
"That Buckle Bunny just shoved her way into his trailer."
by BuckedUp935 December 23, 2020
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The whores of the rodeo/country world. They'll sneak behind the chutes to catch a glimpse at the bull riders. They think steers are a breed of cow, they're almost always blonde whether that be dyed blonde or natural. A lot of denim booty shorts, flannels, sparkles and glitter, and let's not forget the 30 pounds of makeup. Fake tans, daddy's money, probably drives a pink or white Jeep. Big fake ass eye lashes. And will sleep with country men. Save a horse (ride a cowboy),Before He Cheats, every Wallen song are defiantly on their playlist. If your man is a bull rider, he probably has a lot of these women in his snapchat. Very rare that a bull rider will be loyal, but it happens. See my profile for more info on bull riders. They also go to "country concerts" (pop country) and they wear the boots n hat one time. never again after that.

Random female team roper: RUN! THEY'RE HERE....the buckle bunnies. *blonde bitch with huge tits, a red n white flannel, denim booty shorts, and a fake tan walks in*

Bull rider: DAMNNNNN BOYS. THE PUSSY IS HERE. Look at that fine buckle bunny.
by The Only Reliable Cowgirl February 15, 2023
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