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An individual or pack consisting of at least 2 women that prowl around rodeos in search of Buckle-Winning cowboys to sleep with. They typically wear short-shorts, mini-skirts, low-cut tops (typically flannel/plaid) , "painted on" jeans, and cowboy boots that resemble the high heel shoe. These cowgirl wannabes will often manipulate cowboys with their cleavage and by lying to them (about how they're true country girls and how they have a horse etc.) in order to get country men interested in getting intimate with them. Basically, they are city girls dressed up as country girls to have a one night stand with country boys. These women are seen as tramps to true cowgirls/country girls.
"Where's David?"

"Oh, I just saw him talking to a Buckle Bunny. They both went into his trailer."
by Tipsy Purple Pachyderm November 30, 2014
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A slutty girl at the rodeo trying to hook up with a cowboy. Usually but not always wearing a mini skirt with cheap boots and a low cut top.
Did you see that buckle bunny go into that trailer?
by lola8787 October 01, 2010
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A cousin of the puck bunny, buckle bunnies are generally found in small towns in Western Canada and US. The buckle bunny lives in large cities and flocks to nearby small towns on summer weekends to watch rodeos, where she tries to attract rodeo competitors. She also appears in country bars where she will play off her urban identity by saying she knows how to two step. Her ultimate goal is to date a rodeo cowboy.
Wow, that buckle bunny's shirt is so low cut that she's going to poke someone's eye out.
by Kate the Saloonkeeper July 07, 2003
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Derived from or also known as Concho Whore a groupie or slutty female drawn and attracted to Cowboys. Often hopping or being passed around Cowboy "circles" like shes a joint from one to the next. Most generally dressed in a spaqhetti strap or low cut top alot of times also rising or cut off above her belly button, cowboy boots , shiny sparkling concho belt, short shorts or short skirt , very cheap badly shaped straw Cowboy hat or quiet possibly the hat of which belongs to the Cowboy shes currently sleeping with.
The Black Hat Cowboys or HatTrick Cowboys usually have a house full of Buckle Bunnys & Concho whores at the HatTrick Ranch ( those of which known as the HatTrick Whores
by Rockin'G610 June 09, 2018
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Any number of female rodeo aficionados prone to wearing skin-tight jeans, boots, push up bras and loose fitting, button-down shirts who:

a. haunt various events looking for some sugar daddy to "take her away" from her dreary farm existance and put her on a horse ranch where she "deserves to be". AKA a "country gold-digger". OR,

b. bored attractive female who hits the local country bars and rodeos looking for a good looking someone to buy her drinks and dance with her. BUT THATS ALL.
Good Lord. Look at that buckle bunny over there. If those pants were any tighter, she could pick up an apple with that camel toe.
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