Pronounced: "Buck - Lame"

Noun - Alternative name for Auckland City, New Zealand.

Verb - Very, very lame.


This word first came about in laziness of sending text messages to friends, wherein using predictive texting, the word "Bucklame" comes up instead of the word "Auckland". So when we texted each other about Auckland, we instead left it as "Bucklame". We eventually grew to say this word verbally as opposed to "Auckland", as we found it hilarious to say.

The first time we used this word, we were in Auckland itself, and our impression of it as a city was a bad one, so we emphasised the "lame" part of the word, and it quickly became a verb, being used to show the extent of how extremely lame something is.
"Dude, it took me 6 hours to drive to Bucklame!"

"You got dumped for breaking her pencil? that's bucklame!"
by Thomas Flynn June 1, 2005
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