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A jocular term for firefighters, based on the traditional use of buckets (of water/sand etc.) in extinguishing fires.
The car is on fire - call the bucket boys
by 999birdie May 08, 2009
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One who spends all day sitting on an empty upside-down five gallon bucket. They can sometimes be seen in poor neighborhoods in front of beverage stores.
"Hey look at that bucket-boy scaring away customers."
by F.R. January 07, 2005
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The unsuspecting buyer of a scheme like multi level marketing that promises eternal profits for ignoring your current job(carrying buckets) and spending time on building a 'pipeline'(down stream guillibles of the multi level marketing scheme)....he wouldnot have understood the full impication of how profits are generated in the scheme but must have been forced to become part of th chain by some evangelist(pipeline preacher)....
look at Bick, the bucket boy who lost his current job as he was too immersed in building a pipeline......
by vvcorp November 08, 2005
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