Buck breaking is essentially black men being dominated by white men sexually. Black men are emasculated by getting used as a fleshlight for white men.
Leroy was my hardest buck to break yet. He threw me off three times throughout the night, was spitting, and cursing something foul. By the light of the morning however the buck was broken and sent back out to pasture till the next buck breaking is needed.
by Buckbreaker01 June 29, 2021
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When you project your homoerotic fantasies onto someone else, especially if those homoerotic fantasies include race play.
Bill: "Hey did you see Tariq walk into that BDSM club last night? Why was he dressed like indiana jones?"
Joe: "Oh he's buck breaking, that's a whip for his roleplay he makes other people do"
by ImTooOldForThisShit June 10, 2021
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Ayo look at deshaun my nigga, his black ass is about to get some his ass into some buck breaking from Massa!
by GodLovesBlackPeople December 28, 2021
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The Use of Sexual Violence Against Enslaved Men as Punishment for Wrongdoing
We are Buck Breaking that man over there
by GeorgyDarnellJackson June 18, 2021
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we are going to do some buck breaking to a massive amount of retards
by whitesmasher February 23, 2022
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