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Short term for bukharian. When talking to someone refer to them as a buchi. Bukharian people are people from Russia who escaped to Israel for freedom.
Reuven: Hey Buchi whats good
Bool: Nothing much eating plof
by ogxray September 21, 2016
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She is the best woman alive. She is smart beautiful and talented. She has an amazing voice and doesnt care about what other people think and is funny.
I love u so muchi Buchi youre the best.
by Xxdygdfch May 19, 2018
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1) a wannabe GANGSTER
2) a girl who thinks shes all that but really needs to work on her game
3) a broke african princess
1) man, that girl shanaenae is such a buchi.
2) did you see amanda today, she was wearin this hoochie skirt and she thought she was pullin homeys. what a buchi!
3) Wow, look at that buchi that just got off that plane from kenya.
by Eric Jakel December 27, 2005
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buchi is cool but zach thinks he is a nigger buchi is cool smart and is nice but zach does not like buchi.
Hey zach do you know Buchi, "Yeah that kid is a nigger."
by Kidboyjcshklbjkl November 08, 2018
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