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A high school in Gainesville, Florida. Often suspected of paying and/or paying referees, especially after a suspicious win in a football game against its arch rival Gainesville High in 2006. The win was a direct result of an "official timeout" after the clock had run out at the end of the game. The win caused a surge of student-based animosity against Buchholz, as well as widespread suspicion of cheating, even from other schools in the district.

Although commonly denied by those who attend the school, other students in the district complain about the snobbery and elitist attitudes felt from most of the student body.

The school, because of a relativly recent re-zoning act by the School Board of Alachua County, receives significantly more funding than any other high school in the district. In addition, because of the zoning map, Buchholz's student body population does not reflect the diversity of Alachua county, but consists mainly of white, middle-to-upper class students.

Buchholz is well known for spinning news in the local newspaper, the Gainesville Sun. Examples include an article about boys varsity tennis in 2006, as well as an article about the band at a local competition in 2007. In both of the articles, accolades were given to Buchholz, but not to the other schools in the district that beat them in both circumstances.

The school has much academic and extracurricular talent, despite its elitist attitudes. Its Mu Alpha Theta team just won a national championship title, and its band consistantly performs well at competitions.

Three Alachua County HS Students watching a Florida Football game. Penalty against Florida.

GHS Student: "What the hell was that? That ref is fu**ing blind!"

EHS Student: "He's not blind. He's just pulling a Buchholz."

BHS Student: "Well excuse us for having money."

by SBAC Student January 01, 2008
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