"Mr. Bliss' class does nothing but play Bubble Struggle."
by Doug April 14, 2004
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When you are in a groupchat and/or texting someone with an android and the text bubble turns green unstead of the blue that it would be with just apple users (it limits you from doing things such as removing people from the group chat)
Yo bruh who is causeing the green bubble struggle?

Bruh i think its Ryan
by Ramiyah :) October 6, 2018
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A social bubble that’s comprised of slackers and motivators. When the slackers cry of problems and the motivators have solutions. It becomes a struggle bubble when the slackers mentally shutdown when the motivators provide a solution to their cries.
Slacker: My car is broken and have no money!
Motivator: Want to apply to my company and get a good paying job?
Slacker: Hell No, because I might lose my government free money.
Motivator: I thought you preached about free loaders?
Slacker: Whatever, I’m going to smoke some weed.
Then begins the struggle bubble once other motivators and slackers start bickering within the social bubble.
by Chuckingrocks June 13, 2023
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