The most evil video game ever.
Bub and Bob trap monsters inside a bubble, first letting them asphyxiate for some time. Then, when they gasp futily for air, the dragons will pop the bubble,finally killing the monster. The suffering isn't over, however; the monster's soul will turn into a food product, and the dragon will then eat it.

Undoubtedly, the greatest game to ever grace this planet.
Bub trapped the wind-up monster in a bubble; then, when it was nearly dead from suffocation, he popped the bubble, sending the gasping monster flying across the room, smashing its skull on the wall. Bub then ate the monster's soul.
by Vee Are Are Schee October 25, 2003
a classic arcade game in which two bubble-blowin dinos named Bub and Bob rescue their girlfriends from the cave of monsters
Bubble Bobble is one of the greatest arcade games ever made
by Eddy October 22, 2003
When your partner grabs your erect dick like a joystick, blows spit bubbles at your balls, then eats the bubbles and balls simultaneously. Females can only give it instead of receive it, obviously. In gay couples, legend has it that their balls turn into fruit items once this is performed (no evidence supporting this fact).
Arnulfo: "What the hell was that?"

Giovanni: "That is called the famous Ball Bubble Bobble. Learn your facts."

Arnulfo: "Why the hell do I have bananas for balls, a new high score above my head, a pissed-off dragon following my ass, and somehow got to level two?"
by TylerSlim March 6, 2013